This will soon become your most

 indispensable gardening tool 

The Buckhoe is a convenient and versatile gardening hand tool. Whether you grow flowers or vegetables, over a large area or in containers; whether you garden as a business or for pleasure, it will soon never leave your hand! 



Available in both right handed and left handed versions, here are just a few of the tasks that The Buckhoe handles with ease:

  • Hoeing in established beds with precision and minimum root damage
  • Loosening and aerating compacted soil
  • Lifting out deep-rooted weeds such as convulvulus, couch grass, dock, buttercup, daisies, dandelion, nettles and ground elder
  • Thinning out and transplanting seedlings
  • Planting out sets, bulbs and bedding plants
  • Drawing seed drills and covering-in
  • Weeding between patio slabs
To watch a demonstration of the Buckhoe, please click here


The Buckhoe is so versatile it can be used for many other tasks around the garden and home, including:

  • Easing out, or inserting, greenhouse glass clips
  • Opening paint tins
  • Scratching your nose or your back
  • your imagination is the only limit! 


A few comments from some of our customers:

"When I head out into my vegetable garden, I just take the Buckhoe and my garden gloves.  It makes life so much easier!" Eveline, Netherlands

"We grow most of our own vegetables here, and the Buckhoe is everyone's   favourite hand tool." Britta, Erraid community, Scotland

"I recently started my own permaculture gardening business, and the Buckhoe is the first tool I pick up each morning" Karen, Scotland

"We grow flowers and people here, and our guests love working with the Buckhoe.  They all want to take it home with them!"  Julia, the Findhorn community  

"I love the Buckhoe. I have bought several of them as gifts for family and friends and they all love it too!"  Christine, Australia


The Buckhoe is available in both right handed and left handed versions - please choose when ordering.


Please allow up to 28 days for delivery, as the Buckhoe is handmade to order. 

Watch these videos to see how to use the Buckhoe

...for planting out:


 ...for weeding and aerating:


 ...drawing seed drills and covering in:


The Buckhoe is available in both right handed and left handed versions - please choose when ordering.

Price: £12 each plus postage & packing (£3 for up to five Buckhoes, or £5 for five to ten Buckhoes)


As the Buckhoe is handmade to order, please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

If you are not satisfied with your Buckhoe please return it and we will provide a full refund 


Patent No. GB 2459742